Home or
business visits.
Mobile home or office based appointments are now available to book. Read more below to find out more.
How does a mobile appointment work?
In order to be treated at home or work, a space must be cleared in order to set the treatment table up, as well as for examination and assessment.
In order to be treated at home or work, a space must be cleared in order to set the treatment table up, as well as for examination and assessment.
If this is your first appointment you will be asked a series of questions regarding your current complaint, medical history and family history (please note some of these questions may be personal and sensitive. All information received is treated in the strictest confidence).
After this you will be asked to perform a series of movements. You will be required to stop when any pain starts and point out areas of discomfort.
Further to this you will be moved passively. Both of these examinations help ascertain which tissues are involved in the complaint.
Further testing based on the findings from the above examinations will be carried out to form a diagnosis with your consent.​
Treatment options will be discussed before it begins.

All patients are given advice to help maintain the effects of treatment in between appointments. This can help reduce the amount of appointments required as well as give the patient a better understanding of their body and how to prevent further injury.​​

Follow up appointments will include a discussion of previous treatment, any changes and an examination before treatment.  ​
What areas do you cover?
Appointments are available in Sussex, Surrey and London.
What days or times are you available?
Wednesday to Friday 6pm to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday 3pm to 8pm
Earlier appointments can be arranged on request.
How do I/we book?
Please complete the booking enquiry form on the contact page or call 07453128759 (if call isn't answered it will be returned as soon as I am available to do so).
Discounts are available for group (3 or more) and corporate bookings, get in touch for more information.