"The most rewarding aspect of my work is
teaching people how to help themselves".
About Me
Studying at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (SIOM), Bernadette was privileged to have learned from some of the UK's best Osteopaths, including the late Greg Barker.

Trained in a  variety of osteopathic techniques; including structural, classical and myofascial, Bernadette approaches each patient individually, forming treatment plans which are specific to their needs.
​"I consider myself to be a holistic practitioner, viewing psychosocial aspects of life, nutrition and hydration as affecting factors of physical complaints as well as musculoskeletal imbalance. I work on the basis that patient education helps to maintain the effect of osteopathic treatment and promotes independence to patients. Each of my patients are given a small number of appropriate exercises to complete between treatments and advice on how to support their tissue healing. This enables patients to learn more about their own body and recognise how to improve their condition though rehabilitation, self correction and empowerment.​​"
"Before I started my journey as an osteopath I enjoyed a number of interesting jobs, including volunteering with Epsom Riding for the Disabled charity. I still hold a special place in my heart for this charity and I hope to do sponsored events for them and my other favourite charity, Headway, in the future.
Both of these charities are non-profit and have provided me with experiences that cannot be achieved through my work alone. For this I am grateful and hope that other people will be happy to support them with me in the future."
Having suffered injuries from a serious horse riding accident in 2004, Bernadette has personal experience with rehabilitation, as well as structural and cranial techniques of osteopathy as a patient.
Having started cranial studies with the SCCO in July 2017, Bernadette plans to offer this gentle but effective method of treatment to her patients in the future.

As a mother, Bernadette has a first hand understanding of pregnancy and postnatal conditions. Experienced in treating both in practice, she is passionate about women's health and hopes to provide free antenatal & postnatal group sessions for mums and dads in the future.
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